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Recruitment, Selection & Retention

No job is too big or too small.   Our consultants have worked across all industries, all sectors and all role types.   We have the expertise to work on one specific role or project manage large recruitment drives that are time dependent to ensure our client's business continues to meet its business goals. 


Permanent or contract positions, we offer an end to end solution or we can assist with any part of the process... from writing a targeted ad, providing innovative recruitment strategies, behavioural based interview questions, shortlisting candidates, reference checking – there is nothing we won’t do to find the right person for the role.


Our offering is simple, we can partner to work with you on an hourly basis or you can opt for a set fee structure. Please contact us to find out more.



  • End-to-end recruitment & tailored recruitment packages       

  • Detailed job brief        

  • Salary benchmarking

  • Creation and review of position descriptions

  • Ad writing & ad placement

  • Out of the box advertising solutions     

  • Review of applicants from ad response / recruitment strategies

  • Customised behavioural based telephone screening questions

  • Shortlisting of candidates                      

  • Customised behavioural based interview guides                           

  • Testing & assessment                   

  • Reference checks            

  • Qualification verification

  • Managed vendor facilitation

  • Staff satisfaction surveys & exit interviews

Human Resource Consulting

Whether your business needs to be pointed in the right direction or needs a long term HR strategy, Trayne Consulting can help.   
We recognise that at times even the most effective HR teams need to outsource parts of the process whether due to time restraints, manpower, cost or simply to get an external perspective.

At Trayne Consulting, our HR experts partner with our client's to provide a wide variety of solutions, as outlined below.




  • HR process improvement strategies

  • Policy development

  • Performance management skills & practices

  • Retention strategies

  • Recognition, reward & remuneration 

  • Talent management & succession planning

  • Wellbeing programmes

  • Company satisfaction surveys

  • Redeployment management

  • Exit interviews

  • Outplacement

Online meeting

Pre-employment Verification

Checking a candidate's reference is the most effective way to verify a candidates skills and experience. One of the most important parts of the recruitment process is ensuring that reference checks are carried out before a job offer is made.


Since past performance is the best indicator of future performance, verifying a candidates skills and experience with a former employer will give any employer peace of mind with their hiring decision.


At Trayne Consulting, our team of experienced recruiters know how to ask those difficult questions and probe for information.


Pre-employment checks can be a timely task - making initial contact with the referee, to spending quality time probing for further information as well as ensuring that one hears what is not being said.


We use competency based reference checking questions to ensure clients get all the information they need to make an educated decision about their choice of candidate. We are also flexible in our approach and are happy to include additional questions specific to a role.




  • Employment verification & confirmation of role

  • Behavioural reference checks

  • Job fit assessment

  • Professional association checks

  • License checks

  • Work rights in Australia & VEVO checks

  • Global media search


Benefits of outsourcing:

  • Conducted by recruitment & HR professionals

  • Unbiased & independent checks

  • Strict adherence to lawful questioning

  • Fast efficient service

  • Cost effective

  • Allows you to focus on your business

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