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Writing a job ad that attracts, engages and excites

Job ads need to stand out and make people take notice. They are often the initial contact people have with your company. First impressions count, and too often we see job ads that fail to attract, engage and excite people. Taking things back to basics is often the best approach when writing a job ads. These five tips are a great place to start when you are writing an ad.

1. Paint the picture

Your intro should paint a picture of what it is like to work for your company – who you are, your values and culture, and also what the successful person can expect when they start the role. Is the position new? Will there be a major project they are working on? What will their challenges be? Communicating this information is a screening tool, and gives the applicant a real indication of what their next job could be.

2. Language

Talk to the reader with language they know and understand. The way you communicate to someone looking for a tradesperson job will be very different to someone being considered for a ‘C’ level position. Your sentences need to be short and concise. Use content that is interesting (make them want to read more, not lose interest) and punchy (exciting and uplifting). And make sure you don’t exaggerate – if you’re not selling a Mercedes, don’t!

3. Formatting

The layout of your ad is just as important as the words and phrases you use. Make sure there is plenty of space between each section. Smaller chunks of information are better than long winded paragraphs. Remember people are lazy, they like to skim. Arrange your key pieces of information into succinct headings and bullet points. If you can insert a full stop to make two sentences, do so.

4. Industry Specific

There are likely to be hundreds of people scrolling wherever you list your available jobs. The challenge is making people stop when they get to your ad. This is where your job title comes into play. It should be literal, to the point, and avoid fluff.

When outlining the criteria of the role, use industry jargon. This can help weed out candidates who may not be suitable. Our advice is to include a list of what the necessities are. You will no doubt have a list of other desirable skills and competencies, but be careful in narrowing your search too much by including them all. Think, what are the minimum requirements that the successful person needs to have to successfully complete the job. You never know who you might have apply as a result.

5. Be logical

You want action from your job ad. So, make the transaction for the reader as easy as possible. Include an email address where people can submit their application, or if using talent management software, have a clear hyperlink. To ensure the applications submitted include what you want, list everything you require in a submitted application. If a cover letter is mandatory to be considered for a position make it clear.

If you would like more information to help you write that perfect ad or are after assistance helping with your existing recruitment postings contact us today!

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