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It's not all about the Money! (Surviving the storm that is EOFY)

The End-of-Financial-Year (EOFY) is fast approaching and can be a very busy and stressful time for small business, management and finance departments with the work load during this time increasing substantially.

To ensure you make the most of the last months of EOFY we've prepared some simple tips and collated some of our relevant blogs to assist with not only your FINANCIAL PLANNING, but your PEOPLE PLANNING too.

1. Don't wait till June, start planning and preparing NOW! Not only will you reduce the workload and stress for yourself and your staff, but planning now will assist in avoiding last minute issues that could essentially affect your ability to meet legal obligations.

2. Ensure both your Employer and Employee details are correct.

If you've moved, changed business, acquired a new business or new staff, ensure that your Employer details are correct. Likewise, ask your staff NOW to confirm or update their employee details to avoid extra work and queries during the busiest times.

3. Communicate

Express to relevant departments and staff the pressure that will be on you or your staff during this time. Where possible reschedule non-urgent projects or works to after EOFY, avoiding the angst created by last minute changes.

Request work and information required from other departments or staff well in advance, giving time frames where possible to avoid the last minute rush as well.

4. Focus on what really matters

Whilst there is always an emphasis on the financial aspect at this time of year, remember to keep tabs on your MOST IMPORTANT commodity at work - YOUR PEOPLE. Look after yourself and your staff during this stressful time and once the dust has settled you'll no doubt be focusing on the year ahead and new goals for your business to reach SUCCESS. Take a moment to think about the impact your PEOPLE can have on those goals. Below are some other blog posts that may help with how to PLAN for a Safer Workplace, How to engage your staff for higher productivity and to achieve your outcomes and reach your SUCCESS.

And remember, Safety First!!

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We understand your busy with your business and we recognise that at times even the most effective HR and management teams need to outsource parts of their processes, whether it's due to time restraints, manpower, cost or simply to get an external perspective. Trayne Consulting can draw on our years of professional experience and expertise to assist with your specific business needs in any area of HR, recruitment, retention and training.

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