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Staff Satisfaction Surveys – the Interview before the Exit Interview

As successful managers are aware, engaged employees generally lead to a number of company benefits including higher performance, better job satisfaction and increased loyalty to employers. One method to increase employee engagement is to conduct regular ‘Staff Satisfaction Survey’s’. Not only do they increase employee engagement, they can also provide useful information for management to use for future planning and progress. We’ve outlined just some of the key factors a staff satisfaction survey could contribute to and measure in your organisation and what you could to do with that feedback.

Measure Employee Engagement:

Although this might be an obvious one, measuring the key drivers of engagement within your organization will allow you to assess whether your employees are truly engaged. While there are no definite drivers of engagement within each sector or company type, some common factors which can be assessed across the board include salary & benefits, recognition & reward, advancement, training & development opportunities, management & leadership and the working environment.

Increase Employee Engagement:

Once you’ve assessed (through a staff satisfaction survey) just how engaged your employees are you can then go on to develop an action plan to maintain and increase this level of engagement. You can develop a company-wide engagement plan or focus directly on specific action areas, identifying the changes or improvements required, setting specific priorities and implementing an action plan based on your available resources and requirements.

Create a forum for open feedback, by giving employees a voice:

Staff satisfaction surveys are also an opportunity to establish open communication by giving employees a direct voice to the management team. If performed and acted on correctly, employees will feel their voice has been heard, encouraging employee involvement in future improvement and development processes. When actively involved in future planning, employees feel that they can personally and positively impact decisions within the company and that their opinions are valued.

Increase Organizational Growth:

Learning what level your company measures at regarding employee satisfaction, management & leadership and the working environment will give you quantifiable objectives for improvement or change. Identifying areas of best practice within your organization will also give you valuable data that you can utilise to replicate and implement across other sectors for increased organizational growth.

In essence, asking employees what they need, actively listening to them and responding with positive action are just some of the steps an employer can implement to achieve increased motivation and productivity in the workplace. Staff satisfaction surveys are just one of many tools Trayne Consulting have successfully implemented and overseen with our clients to achieve these outcomes.

If you would like information regarding staff satisfaction surveys, recruitment and retention processes or further HR advice regarding your unique requirements contact us at Trayne Consulting for professional and confidential advice. We’d love to hear from you and assist you on your road to SUCCESS.

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