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Sometimes Improvement is the only Change needed!

Trayne Consulting now offers consultancy to organisations who would like a fresh approach to increase their peoples’ engagement through competency and confidence.

We strongly support the belief that

50% of the learning comes from the content designed and delivered and

50% comes from the support provided by leaders and peers

when individuals are back in their real world.

Only then will change happen.

Our highly experienced Organisational Development & Learning and Development Consultant, Corporate Facilitator and Coach has a strong background in designing solutions to support organisational development and individual professional development and works with individuals, teams and leaders to enhance performance and as a result lifts the overall employee engagement.

Key areas covered are as follows...

Organisational Development:

Implements organisational development strategies to enhance leadership capability, business performance and organisational culture.

Corporate Facilitation:

Creates learning and development environments that allows participants to have their future positively affected both professionally and personally. This result is achieved through the expert delivery in the facilitation process.

Employee Engagement:

Understands the drivers of employee engagement and works with leaders and teams to drive engagement activities.


Coaches leaders and individuals to come up with their own insights to develop capability and development and positively impact on performance.


Works with key stakeholders to set the direction on leadership development, linking to the overall organisational need.

If you would like more information on how Trayne Consulting can assist your organisation in any of the the above key areas you would like to discuss a tailored solution for your organisational needs, please contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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