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6 key tips for creating a professional LinkedIn Profile.

Working as HR Partners with some of Australia’s largest companies we know that ensuring your LinkedIn Profile is current, relevant, and a true reflection of you is essential to building your networks and strengthening your online presence.

We thought we’d share some of our top tips to help you strengthen your online presence via LinkedIn and take one step closer to finding the success you’ve been dreaming of.

1. Use a Professional Photo

Whilst your photo no doubt serves the purpose, first impressions last, so if you haven’t already, it could be worth looking at having a professional portrait taken. Have a look at what other LinkedIn users are displaying on their profiles and compare which ones stand out. Make sure yours is up to par, and is both friendly and well presented.

2. Create an Impacting Headline & Summary

This is the first thing people read whether they’ve decided to click on your Photo/Headline or if they’ve actively searched on your name. Use your Headline to show your profession, your passion or you’re your company does, not necessarily just your current role or company name. As well as being a professional projection of you, this is also a ‘personal’ insight into what makes you tick. So include some personal interests, motivation, inspiration or ‘flare’.

3. Build a Multimedia Profile

Add professional impact, interest and relevance by adding visual contrast to your profile, rather than just ‘plain text’, encouraging viewers to explore your page further, in turn learning more about your experience and professional positioning.

4. Include Further Detail

Unlike a resume, LinkedIn can cope with copious amounts of information without overloading readers, if formatted correctly. Although you can include more information, remember this is an online profile, so keep it organized with bullet points and plenty of white space to make for easy reading or scanning. Also, this is part of your branding, so instead of simply adding briefs of past rojects, roles or employers, focus on highlighting your contribution and accomplishments in each instance.

5. Network with LinkedIn Groups

There are a huge range of groups on LinkedIn which can be a valuable resource for information, networking and a sure way to grow your connections and expose your profile. Showing up on your profile, they can also demonstrate your other interests, passions as well as your professional stand.

6. Ask & Give Recommendations and Endorsements

Not only will you be helping your professional colleagues by recommending them via your LinkedIn Profile, but you will also be creating a fantastic first impression when viewed via a recommendation from a colleague.

With years of experience working with hiring clients, Trayne Consulting know what it takes to create a standout impression for employers or employees alike! If you need help to create the right LinkedIn Profile for you, contact us to ask how and follow us on LinkedIn for more helpful tips and information on how to better promote and manage your personal brand or business for success.

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