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And remember, Safety First!!

As we all know, safety is important, but as a business, addressing individual incidents and safety hazards as they occur will do nothing to benefit your business, improve your company culture or impact on your core safety issues.

The success of your business relies on you looking after your number one commodity -

Your People.

To do this, you need to provide a safe and healthy workplace and ensure that employees understand their responsibilities in maintaining these standards.

In Australia, each state and territory is governed by their own laws and as such you need to be aware of your responsibilities and legislative requirements. One way to do this is through a Workplace Health and Safety check which will identify and review the different aspects of your company safety provisions and their effectiveness.

You may choose to audit just one specific job site, one part of your company or the company as a whole. However large or small your check, the best way to structure this is via the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle. The concept is simple, yet very effective and covers the following process.

PLAN - Establish standards for management, based on legislative requirements & risk assessments

DO - Implement plans to achieve your set objectives & standards

CHECK - Measure your progress of plans and compliance with standards

ACT - Review results against your objectives and standards and take appropriate action

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The effectiveness of a workplace health and safety program depends greatly on the involvement and support of management of the program, demonstrating commitment to the health and welfare of employees, customers and all other stakeholders. So get your management on board, or better still, get on board yourself, take the initiative by being proactive rather than reactive and arrange your checks today.

The task of a safety check or audit may seem daunting, but don't let the thought overwhelm you. If you are considering a safety check at your company, sourcing an expert in the field is a great alternative when there is no safety expert in your team or when an external objective view is needed.

At Trayne Consulting we have qualified consultants who can implement customised WH&S checks as well as Quality Management System Audits so contact us today to assess your individual business needs, provide the right advice and a service specifically tailored for your business success.

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