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5 Quotes from Women who have inspired us to reach our Dreams and Succeed

Today women are present in all levels of the workplace, they are breaking all sorts of barriers and are doing amazing things....We've collated 5 quotes from 5 amazing women of Australian Business who have inspired us to 'make it happen', turning our dreams for Trayne Consulting into our Success story.

When we love what we do it holds greater meaning for us. We care more. If you don’t love what you do, change it. You owe it to yourself to love your work.

- Gail Kelly, former Westpac CEO

‘‘I think sometimes we are aiming for the faster, bigger and shinier, and that does not necessarily bring you happiness...Be brave, be strong, follow your gut and be true to yourself. And if you see someone without a smile, give them yours.’’

- Carolyn Creswell , Carman’s Fine Foods

I think the issue for both men and women in business is that they often under estimate their potential. I believe we need to break free from normality and be extraordinary. We need to think bigger so that we will DO and achieve more in life and at work.

- Lorna Jane Clarkson, Founder and Chief Creative Officer - Lorna Jane

“Never lose your curiosity; be well informed ... always do your research before an interview; and never accept second best from yourself”.

- Ita Buttrose

It is not ‘what’ you do that makes the difference; it is the ‘why that puts a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and gives you a sense of fulfilment.,, It is the ‘how’ that makes a difference to others.

- Naomi Simson, Founder of Red Balloon


'Some People Dream of Success. We Make It Happen'

Danielle Wayne & Kylie Trabona, Founders of Trayne Consulting

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