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3 Key Benefits of an Internal Audit

Whilst proactively tracking internal efficiencies in the pursuance of excellence, internal audits are also an efficient way to ensure organisational policy compliance, demonstrate a due-diligence to regulatory bodies and take a proactive and preventative approach to HR issues, essentially reducing risk and liabilities.

In brief, the aims and benefits of undertaking an effective internal audit are;

Identifying where efficiencies or innovations can be made

Evaluating and improving on current processes & procedures

Ensuring risk and control measures are working effectively

With ISO9001 quality standards being updated at end of month and companies being given only three years to transition across to these new standards, now would be a good time to arrange an internal audit and see how things are currently tracking. This will ensure you and your team are ready with a plan of action to seamlessly transition to the new standards efficiently when the time comes.

We realise the importance of internal audit services to not only help you achieve legislative compliance and operational efficiency, but also realise your strategic goals. By reviewing the results of an efficient internal audit, this can often identify areas where further efficiencies or innovations might also be applied. To achieve this, Trayne Consulting works with you to establish and/or undertake systematic reviews of your individual company's systems and operations to identify how well your risks are being managed, whether you have the right procedures in place and if they are being adhered to.

We know you’re busy which is why Trayne Consulting offers a flexible approach to all our engagements. We will work with you to fit in with your requirements and schedule, while providing you with a professional service including reviews and audits of your management systems (ISO9001), HR processes, operations, procedures and policies, specifically tailored to your business.

If you would like further professional advice regarding your internal audits contact us today.

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