6 key tips for creating a professional LinkedIn Profile.

Working as HR Partners with some of Australia’s largest companies we know that ensuring your LinkedIn Profile is current, relevant, and a true reflection of you is essential to building your networks and strengthening your online presence. We thought we’d share some of our top tips to help you strengthen your online presence via LinkedIn and take one step closer to finding the success you’ve been dreaming of. 1. Use a Professional Photo Whilst your photo no doubt serves the purpose, first impressions last, so if you haven’t already, it could be worth looking at having a professional portrait taken. Have a look at what other LinkedIn users are displaying on their profiles and compare which on

How to Reference Check like an expert

Checking a candidate's references is the most effective way to verify a candidates skills and experience. One of the most important parts of the recruitment process is ensuring that reference checks are carried out before a job offer is made. Since past performance is the best indicator of future performance, verifying a candidates skills and experience with a former employer will give any employer peace of mind with their hiring decision. We see all too often hiring managers making decisions in regards to candidates without doing their due diligence and verifying the facts presented in the interview or on paper. These shortcuts almost always lead to high turnover, lost time, poor team mor

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